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Vision - Mission - Goals

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                                                  “Our Mission”

To form well-motivated leaders who will be intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired to transform the world into a “olq/kSo dqVqEcde~” (Universal brotherhood-sisterhood)


To build an egalitarian society based on equality, justice, freedom and fraternity as enshrined in the Constitution of India through various curricular and co-curricular activities.

                                                       “Our Goals”

1. To achieve integral growth of our students to become agents of social change.
2. To draw out the best in every child.
3. To create a healthy atmosphere of fellowship and service in order to build up ideal families.
4. To inculcate values of faith, Hope, Love, Respect and Compassion in the 
students to make 

      good citizens of the nation.
5. To cultivate an attitude of respect and responsibility towards all the people of all caste,

      creed, colour or culture.

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